business growth
and shareholder
value creation

We deliver long-term strategic support together with the dedicated commitment and expertise required to navigate growth and accelerate shareholder value creation.


We also have access to development funds. We are able to help bridge the gap between Business Angels and Venture Capital funding. Our investor network is able to provide the funding required by young, high growth companies.


Our clients are typically companies with ambition for growth and eventual exit, and operate in sectors where rapid change is the norm. Size is not a constraint, but ambition is - we seek to work with companies who have the business model and vision to realise an eventual exit of more than £10m.


Our team has considerable experience with a large number of growth businesses in a variety of fast moving sectors including:

  • Technology and telecoms
  • New media, including marketing communications and digital technologies
  • High-end consulting
  • Cleantech and green technologies
  • High-tech engineering